Priest 256
World Forest
Occurence Level 6-2a

Priest lives in the Forest and, to be precise, is a druid instead of priest.


Bio Edit

Priest has been taught entire life to take his life role - be a priest. Despite his aptitudes, he failed the main test, in his very important life period he could not stand the pervasive violence; the idea of sacrifices was too brutal for him at the time.

He ran away cowardly and, for an atonement, warns others against the danger. Now he lives in the peace with the nature.

Character's MBTI Edit

Priest is very spiritual INFJ type (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).

He strongly believes in the spiritual forces in the world. He is born naturalist, his duty is to protect the nature and to live with it peacefully. His conscience voice is very hearty what is an advantage and disadvantage simultaneously.

Although he can be aggressive, he tries to avoid any violence.

Occurence Edit

Priest can be found in level 6-2a, in the rightmost of that stage.