Hero is the game's main protagonist. He collects various hats: his greatest achievement is, of course, Top Hat. This priceless item has been stolen by Stranger and the Hero has been imprisoned in Dungeons.


Bio Edit

Hero has born in a small city. Since he remembers, he always has had to work hard (what made him strong after all); during the most stressful parts of his life he became an addict to alcohol. After this pretty unlucky period of his lifetime finally he got the job and got rid of destructive addiction.

Once he started to have more time (and money), he could let himself to buy fancy, useless items. He loves books: Heinrich Karl Bukowski is his favourite writer (better known as Charles Bukowski).

His secret dream is to find true love, unfortunately during his adventure there is no women around him, even as a enemy.

Character's MBTI Edit

Hero belongs to ENFP type (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), maybe a bit childish but forceful subgroup.

Hero is brave, impulsive and lightsome. He easily starts to defend what is important to him and keeps his own rules&principles (thanks to extraverted intuition combined with intoverted feeling). He often behaves like a child, Hero can be honest and naive in specific, cute way. He is also resourceful and assertive. His spontaneous life-style yields charisma.

Occurrence Edit

Really, I have no idea.

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