Achievement - meta-goal in Top Hat. The achievements are divided into groups. In the game achievements are synchronised with Steam platform.

Achievement list Edit

Complete list of achievements is located below. You can also take a look at achievement groups.

ID Achievement Group Icon What to do? Difficulty
72 Afk, lol Game lover Acv afk lol Just do nothing for a minute during the game. Very easy
0 Airman Flier Acv airman Jump over the board. Available with Platform gun. Very easy
45 Alcoholic Bad guy Acv alcoholic Game-progress-related achievement. Enter The Ship - the third world. Easy
51 Alter ego  ? Acv alter ego Defeat the clone in ??? world. See Techniques & Tips for help. Tricky
24 Annihilator Weapon master Acv annihilator Kill 50 enemies with Annihilator. Normal
31 Assassin Killing machine Acv assassin Kill 100 enemies. Easy
2 Athlete Flier Acv athlete Jump 5 consecutive times on a trampoline. Very easy
5 Cat Life lord Acv cat Gain 9 lives. Easy
50 Catacomb raider Ancients Acv catacomb raider Avoid a rolling ball. To achieve in Egypt or Forest. Easy
79 Classic Game modes Acv classic Finish the game on normal difficulty level. Normal
47 Computer scientist Computer scientist Acv computer scientist Destroy the computer in the Control room (after defeating The Ship world's boss). Related to game progress. Easy
14 Confused Game progress Acv confused Kill Leprechaun to finish ??? world. Normal
11 Conqueror Game progress Acv conqueror Kill Faceless to pass through Happy Hill. Easy
9 Continuous fire Weapon master Acv continuos fire Shoot constantly for a minute. Easy
36 Demon seed Killing machine Acv demon seed Kill 2000 enemies. Be patient. Very hard
78 Easy-going Game modes Acv easy going Finish the game on easy difficulty level. Easy
35 Eliminator Killing machine Acv eliminator Kill 1000 enemies. Hard
52 Enlightened Social Acv enlightened Talk with Old man after finishing ??? world. Game-progress-related achievement. Easy
10 Escapee Game progress Acv escapee Kill Sashka to escape from Dungeons. Very easy
60 Executioner Art of death Acv executioner Kill everyone from 10 different levels. Hard
40 Explorator Secrets Acv explorator Find 20 secrets. See Secrets section for help. Hard
39 Finder Secrets Acv finder Find 10 secrets. See Secrets section for help. Normal
69 Fire in the hole Bad guy Acv fire in the hole Throw a grenade to a well in level 2-1 (Happy Hill). Easy
63 Flawless victory Master Acv flawless victory Finish 2 consecutive levels without any harm. Normal
44 Friendly pirate Social Acv friendly pirate Bring bottle of rum for a pirate in level 3-2 (The Ship). See Quests section for help. Easy
41 Game expert Secrets Acv game expert Find all secrets. See Secrets section for help. Very hard
17 Game master Game lover Acv game master Gain all other achievements. Impossible
26 Gate master Sandbox Acv gate master Open 150 doors. Hard
28 Greedy Bad guy Acv greedy Collect all coins from 5 different levels. Normal
23 Grenadier Weapon master Acv grenadier Kill 50 enemies with grenades. Normal
16 Hacker Computer scientist Acv hacker Turn debug/cheats on. Easy
80 Hardcore Game modes Acv hardcore Finish the game on hard difficulty level. Hard
43 Helpful soul Social Acv helpful soul Return lost wallet in level 2-1. See Quests section for help. Very easy
49 Hieroglyph expert Ancients Acv hieroglyph expert Open the ancient gates in Egypt (level 4-3a). See Techniques & Tips for more info. Normal
20 Jinx Life lord Acv jinx Lost 50 lives. Easy
21 Jumper Flier Acv jumper Jump 50 times in general on a trampoline. Easy
74 Kangaroo Sandbox Acv kangaroo During a level, jump at least 300 times and finish the stage. Normal
34 Killer Killing machine Acv killer Kill 500 enemies. Hard
61 Killing spree Art of death Acv killing spree Kill 5 enemies within 10 seconds. Try to use Annihilator in ??? world. Hard
53 Life of the party Social Acv life of the party Talk to everyone at Bar. Easy
42 Listener Game lover Acv listener Just don't skip the intro. Very easy
37 Loyal player Game lover Acv loyal player Play the game for 5 hours. Normal
68 Maniac Game lover Acv maniac Play the game for 24 hours. Hard
33 Mass murderer Killing machine Acv mass murderer Kill 250 enemies. Normal
67 Master Master Acv master Finish 10 different levels without any harm. Hard
59 Merciless Art of death Acv merciless Kill everyone from 5 different levels. Normal
58 Midas Bad guy Acv midas Collect all coins from 10 different levels. Hard
7 Moonwalker Sandbox Acv moonwalker Stay 10 seconds at a caterpillar. Normal
3 Neo Computer scientist Acv neo Finish any level with slow-motion. Set fps low in tophat.ini to get this achievement. Hard
73 Night owl Game lover Acv night owl Play the game at 3 a.m. Normal
57 Ninja Secrets Acv ninja Get all 12 traceur icons. See Traceur section for help. Very hard
70 Nonchalance Bad guy Acv nonchalance Avoid a savepoint during a level. Very easy
18 Pacifist Sandbox Acv pacifist Finish 5 different levels without hurting anyone. Normal
55 Patient Game lover Acv patient Just don't skip game logo at the beginning. Very easy
54 Pianist Social Acv pianist At the Bar play piano five times. Very easy
12 Pirate Game progress Acv pirate Destroy Flying Pirate Ship and escape The Ship world. Normal
65 Planned run Master Acv planned run Finish 5 consecutive levels without any loss of energy. Needs hard work to achieve. Very hard
64 Precautionary man Master Acv precautionary man Finish 3 consecutive levels without loss of life. Normal
27 Priest Life lord Acv priest Eliminate 25 mummies. Available in Egypt. Normal
76 Quetzalcoatl Game progress Acv quetzalcoatl Destroy Stone Golem in the Forest. Normal
29 Rowdy Killing machine Acv rowdy Kill 25 enemies. Very easy
8 Shambles Weapon master Acv shambles Shot 250 times in one, finished level. Normal
38 Smart eye Secrets Acv smart eye Reveal 5 secrets. See Secrets section for help. Easy
46 Smoker Bad guy Acv smoker Enter ??? world. Game-progress-related achievement. Easy
25 Sokoban Sandbox Acv sokoban Put 50 boxes in a proper place. Normal
19 Speedrunner Sandbox Acv speedrunner Finish 5 different levels within less than 2 minutes. Normal
1 Stairway to heaven Flier Acv stairway to heaven Throw 7 platforms using Platform gun. Easy
75 Suicide bomber Art of death Acv suicide bomber Just kill yourself with a grenade. Easy
22 The snow queen Weapon master Acv the snow queen Freeze 50 enemies with your Freeze gun. Easy
48 Thief Bad guy Acv thief Steal gold from Drunky or Egyptian. See Quests for more info. Easy
15 Top Hat Game progress Acv top hat Finish the game. Normal
30 Tough guy Killing machine Acv tough guy Kill 50 enemies. Very easy
4 Tourist Sandbox Acv tourist Finish any level within more than 5 minutes. Easy
56 Traceur Secrets Acv traceur Find 5 traceur icons. See Traceur section for help. Normal
13 Traveller Game progress Acv traveller Destroy Crusher and move far away from Egypt. Normal
6 Trickster Weapon master Acv trickster Use freeze gun to freeze blades. See Techniques & Tips for help. Very easy
62 Turnkey Sandbox Acv turnkey Open 50 doors. Easy
66 Veteran Master Acv veteran Finish 9 consecutive levels without loss of life. Hard
77 Violator Bad guy Acv violator Destroy 8 statues in Forest. See Violator section for help. Normal
71 Walking armoury Weapon master Acv walking armoury Collect 50 grenades. Hard
32 Warrior Killing machine Acv warrior Kill 150 enemies. Easy

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